Linn Klimax 360: die neuen Referenzlautsprecher sind eingetroffen

Linn360 Clyde Built KDSM Black Wide WebRes

• 360 Array drive units featuring cutting edge composites push all
distortion out of band of human hearing.
• Aluminium-magnesium alloy bass drive units produce precise piston-like
behaviour; can be driven hard whilst remaining firmly under control.
• All drive units made of hard alloys adding zero colouration or sonic
signature to music.
• Bass System – Power DAC technology combines DAC and amp into a
single step, producing seismic, realistic and distortion-free bass.
• 360 Array amplification features Adaptive Bias Control technology
ensuring they behave at their absolute optimum in all scenarios.
• Extraordinary dispersion characteristics result in precisely the same
tonality from the speaker in every direction – reinforcing sound-stage.
• Sumptuous form conscientiously follows function in a visibly remarkable
aesthetic that breaks ground beyond traditional cabinet design

The Speakers are ready for demonstration, please call for appointment.

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